Lists of Hierarchies and Miscellaneous Information

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Lists of Hierarchies and Miscellaneous Information

Welcome To Whatabouthat! is a compilation of hierarchies and miscellaneous information to supply helpful knowledge one may need in their occupation, schoolwork, or personal musings. It has been said that order and simplification are the first steps toward the mastery of a subject; this site offers to be a tool toward that goal.

Everything has a relationship to other things however the connections are not always apparent. From the smallest to the largest, from the simple to the complex, this site provides a collection of a variety of assorted facts that we find organically organized into:

branches, brands, breeds, caste, classifications, collections, denominations, departments, designations, distinctions, divisions, echelons, families, genre, genus, grades, groupings, hierarchy, league, make, orders, origin, pecking order, province, range, ranks, rankings, scales, school, sect, selection, sequences, species, standing, status, style, structures, successions

Ever have trouble finding some miscellaneous classification? Want to know the order of the branches of Astronomy? (Insert link here) Ever wonder about food classifications? (Insert link here) This site is the first place to look. Whatabouthat currently has (insert total pages here) pages of orderings of information to help make sense of a complicated universe.

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